Die Bundeswehr im Libanon: UNIFIL


Der UNIFIL Einsatz der Bundeswehr

 BW in UNIFIL2-4 die Bundeswehr in UNIFIL mission 2013 (Image courtesy of die Bundeswehr/Eugen Riegg)

In June 2013 the German Parliament extended for one more year the Bundeswehr deployment mission in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) until July 2014.  The estimated additional cost for Germany in this mission for the next twelve months will be about  26.4 million euros, stated die Bundesregierung.

In the recent years the security of the Lebanon has been further threatened by  the rise of conflicts in the region particularly in Syrian, which shares close borders with Lebanon.  As the most requested Military Forces by the UN Peacekeeping Operations and the Territorial governments,  die Bundeswehr  has been present in the region since 2006.                                                                      

In UNIFIL mission the German NAVY’s main Operational Task focuses on:

  • Establishing and maintaining  Peace in the Region
  • Keeping the Maritime Trade Secured
  • Helping to facilitate political and security cooperation between Israel and Lebanon
  • And to prevent smuggling of weapons via the Sea into Lebanese territory.

                       UNIFIL EinsatzFregatte 208 NIEDERSACHSEN  (Image courtesy of die Bundeswehr/UN)

Further more for building the Lebanese NAVY

  • Die Bundeswehr is  the leading Force for Training,  Supervising the Lebanese NAVY,  helping it to  become able to resume its task for keeping  the security of its Sea borders. 
  • At the same time die Bundeswehr has been also providing the necessary Naval equipments for  aiding to build the Lebanese Armed-Forces.

 Außerdem, Germany’s commitment to the Security of the Region has not been limited  to Military deployments and training.  Simultaneously Germany is taking every steps to foster Political Stability;  providing essential Socioeconomic and Financial aids as well as Educational-Scientific upgrade  to Lebanon.

(Video courtesy of die Bundeswehr)






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