Deutschland und die Vereinigten Staaten

                  Germany in America


The Relation between the U.S and Deutschland is a complementary one that goes beyond even all Political Spectrum and the past and present’s Foreign Policy.

It reflects the Cultural, and historical heritage of 50 million Americans with the German ancestors, throughout of three centuries.

But also the engagements at the Governmental level have been always symbolic of our historical ties.

On April 17th Deutschland has allocated $100,000 Trust Fund for the National Park Foundation in Washington DC located between the White House and Washington Monument.

       17GAFGMOU4Ambassador Dr. Peter Ammon (second from the right) and National Mall Deputy Superintendent Karen Cucurullo. (photo courtesy of Germany. Info)

The German-American Garden, originally, was initiated in 1983 by President Reagan and Chancellor Helmut Kohl, for symbolizing a deeper friendship and the historical cultural unity between Deutschland and the United States.


However this is not the first occasion that Deutschland has taken such a step in a partnership with the US. In May 2012 the German Embassy also created a Nation-wide programme in US:  “Skills Initiative”, the highly successful German methods with the theory of classroom at the work place; Working and Learning.

This programme which has been already started since last year is designed to help a large number of people in U.S to gain practical and vocational skills in a various field of technology with the highly effective German model to boost socioeconomic advancement in the various States. It is also designed to increase the number of skilled people in United States Work environment.

Thus far the programme has been successfully implemented inWashington DC, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia.

                             07OHSkillzp3Ambassador Ammon with the Ohio State football team in the Skills Initiative meeting. (photo courtesy  of Germany. Info and M.Elicson)

And soon the programme will be in Chicago, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Louisiana and Texas.

Although these are symbolic steps,on a regular basis,to celebrate the 300 years Relations between Germany and the US, however the reality of the current World is placing constantly the elevated emphasis on the US-Deutschland’s far more closer partnerships and on all fronts. Particularly on both sides National and Cyber Security, Law-Enforcement and Defence.

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